SPX Engineered Air Movement

Products that move and control air for energy-
efficiency, safety and increased productivity.

SPX Technologies’ Engineered Air Movement (EAM) business is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans, blowers, critical exhaust systems, dampers and other air movement and air control products. Innovative products, from our Cincinnati Fan, Strobic Air Technologies, Tamco and Daniels Fans brands, give operators and engineers superior-quality, energy-efficient options for a variety of applications. We design, manufacture, sell and service these solutions in the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.

SPX Engineered Air Movement - Fans


Centrifugal and axial fans for filtration, dust collection and fume exhaust in industrial applications; fans utilized in process cooling and material conveying applications; and high-temperature fans used by industrial furnace and oven manufacturers to circulate and exhaust air for thermal process applications.
Cincinnati Fan
Daniels Fans
Strobic Ventilation


Exhaust systems designed to mitigate air pollution, control emission odors and comply with environmental standards in a wide variety of critical air exhaust applications including: laboratory fume hood exhaust, isolation room exhaust, pollution control and industrial odor control.
Strobic Air
TAMCO diesel generator damper


Superior-quality, energy-efficient extruded aluminum air control dampers, serving the commercial, industrial and institutional markets and designed for applications including airflow and pressure control in HVAC systems, smoke control, low leakage and other intake or exhaust air applications.
Tamco Fan Dampers